this is the work of dragan's uncle, florijan mickovic. he lives and works in bosnia. he's a pretty amazing artist.

he has many works on permanent display in dragan's hometown - mostar. it's so much fun to walk around the city and experience them all.

dragan and i have been fortunate to spend time with florijan, zrinka and others when we visit bosnia. i feel honored to call them family.


he has 3 sons, all are artists as well (of course).

find out more info about them here.

The sculptor refrains himself from intervention in the material, but when he considers it necessary, he tries to be as unnoticeable as possible. The chisel emphasis the contours, i.e. the trunk's "intentions", working out the natural protuberances or recesses, the way erosion of life would do. Cuts and sharper strokes resemble scars. The final impression is an organic wholeness of form and material.
sorry for the extra small photo, but

this is my mother in law, marela, reading her poetry at one of florijan's art exhibitions.


is the work of florijan's son, vladimir mickovic, otherwise known as dragan's coolest cousin.

in addition to being an extraordinary sculptor and painter, he has a beautiful voice and has recorded a kind of music in bosnia called 'sephardic'.

it's not really my bag, but lovely none the less.

you can hear it here.

modern art / public fountain. how cool is that?

these 2 are my fav


check out dragan's other cousin, josip mickovic.

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