the ecstasy of saint teresa

i came across a picture of this sculpture in one of my art history classes and was awe-struck by it's impact on me.

done by gianlorenzo bernini in 1652, located in santa maria della vittoria, rome, italy.

i'm usually not particularly interested in baroque art, though i think it is beautiful and skillfully done in a way i will never understand....it never really speaks to me.

here's the story:
saint teresa was a nun of the carmelite order and one of the great mystical saints of the spanish counter-reformation. her conversion occurred after the death of her father, when she fell into a series of trances, saw visions, and heard voices.

feeling a persistent pain, she attributed it to the fire-tipped arrow of divine love that an angel had thrust repeatedly into her heart.

in her writings, st.teresa described this experience as making her swoon in delightful anguish.
the technical aspects and visual differentiations of this sculpture are unbelievable.

among the clouds, rough monk's cloth, gauzy material, smooth flesh, and feathery wings -- all carved from the same white marble.

bernini depicted the saint in ecstasy, unmistakably a mingling of spiritual and physical passion, swooning back on a cloud, while the smiling angel aims his arrow.

some of my favorite interior photos, etc as seen on desire to inspire's blog.

absolute F A V O R I T E foyer entrance.

love the throw over the couch.

it's total over-kill, but i really love all the differing patterns.

great: floor, tub, orchid
i own these vases ! middle kingdom is a great chinese inspired porcelain company in britain. i have them in blood orange.
very bold color choice on the walls, i'm not sure i'd ever be this brave.

this looks to be an unfinished space judging by the floor, but it's my favorite thing about this photo.
ahh ! i want terra cotta floors, too.
what a wonderful, amazing, fabulous, remarkable wine cellar. wouldn't it be cool if the next room was an underground swimming pool?
this chair...is funky and i love it.
i can't decide whether to love or hate this bathroom...it's a little odd, no?
if i had a large dining room, this would be my dream table/chairs. (and i love the floor)
living in the middle east would be a breeze in this home.

giant fire place, yes please.

what a wonderful outdoor dining space! i could live out there....especially paired with that wine cellar
great: light fixture, tub, floor

this picture makes me want to glue bark to my furniture.

did i mention i love chickens?


this seems like the perfect place to, exhale

great: b o o k c a s e
great: guardrail - what a cool idea?


lately i've been wanting to purchase a vintage vanity / dressing table. i think there's something irresistibly sweet and romantic about the look.

here are some glamorous movie stars from the silent film era and golden age of hollywood and their fabulous vanities, dressing tables, and mirrors getting ready for their close up.

i hope the pictures inspire you to create your own glamorous vanity vignettes !

brigitte bardot

bebe daniels

danielle darrieaux
sandra dee, 1959 - taking a call in her dressing room
marlene dietrich

frances farmer
joan fontaine, in suspicion 1941
greta garbo

ava gardner

gloria grahame
german postcard, 1933
rita hayworth

veronica lake
carole lombard, for vanity fair 1914
sophia loren, 1934
marilyn monroe
colleen moore

patricia neal, the fountainhead - 1940
mabel normand

kim novak
anita page

norma shearer, aka - the most lovely actor, ever.
norma, trouble in paradise
norma in 'pleasure mad' - 1923
norma, 'empty hands' - 1924
norma, 'the snob' - 1924
norma, 'lady of the night' - 1925

barbra streisand
barbara stanwyck

anne st. marie

lilyan tashman

lilyan tashman - shows off her shoe armoire !
elizabeth taylor, 1932

natalie wood
'the women' - rosalind russell, norma shearer, joan crawford and joan fontaine