baby, i think we just arrived in candy land.

dragan and i had a short layover in zurich on our journey home from bosnia this year.
i fell in love with the architecture of the airport and the city all around.
if we're ever lucky enough to go back for a visit, or to live, i'll be a very happy lady.

among the fun things dragan and i enjoyed during our brief visit was a glass of the most wonderful chocolate concoction. i'm not sure exactly what kind of drink it was.
something like pure sweet heaven.

how cool would this snow-covered wonderland be?
with that said, i'd be the one peeing in my pants if i were in one of those gondola lifts.
someone please take me here.

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  1. Anonymous28.11.09

    zurich! i spent forty-five minutes rushing to catch a layover there once. i wish i'd been able to appreciate the architecture more at the time... had the best cappuccino of my life at that airport